Manual Uniaxial & Triaxial Testing Machine

Model: EKE0552

EKE 0552 Manual (Hand Operated) Pressure System for Lateral Pressure in Hoek Triaxial Cell
EKE 4231 2000 kN Automatic Compression Testing Machine, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz
EKE 0555 Hoek Triaxial Cell BX,Ø 42,04 mm dia.
EKE 0557 Hoek Triaxial Cell NX,Ø 54,74 mm dia.
EKE 0560 Hoek Triaxial Cell HQ,Ø 63,5 mm dia.
EKE 0568 Compression Jig Assembly for Rock Core Specimens
EKE 3800 Hydraulic Hand Pump, 700 bar.
EKE 0210 High Precision Pressure Transducer and Electronics

Ref. Standards EN 1926, 14580; ASTM D2664, D2938, D3148, D5407

The manual pressure system is used for maintaining the constant lateral pressure in the Hoek triaxial cells and consists of a hydraulic hand pump with an oil reservoir (EKE-3800), a precision digital readout unit (EKE-4920), a pressure transducer (EKE-0110) and a 3 m long flexible hose with quick release coupling.
The Manual pressure system is used with any Hoek triaxial cell and 2000 kN Automatic Compression Testing Machine (EKE-4231) for the triaxial tests. Other types of ENKAY compression testing machine (with respect to capacity) can be used instead of EKE-4231.
Please contact us for other types of ENKAY Compression Testing Machines

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