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Four Axis Fatigue Testing Machine

Bogie Loading and Test Press

The machine is capable of loading the components in four axes, in Linear motion can be converted to conical torsional Loads.

Dampening force can be evaluated in the field orientation i.e. Vertical or Horizontal or at any angle between horizontal to vertical and can be locked at any position as per requirement.

For the precise control of frequency (rpm) and displacement ENKAY has introduced electronically controlled hydraulic based Servo controlled close loop system with maximum Damping force up to of 5000kg depending upon customer requirement.

Salient Features

  • Sturdy Two Column frame with long bed length and adjustable actuator positions
  • Four independent Servo Actuators for three axis for simultaneously or independent loading on specimen.
  • Fully independent and computer-controlled operation with high speed data acquisition
  • Suitable capacity hydraulic power pack with necessary cooling system to run all three actuators simultaneously
  • Suitable for both dynamic and static loading applications
  • Dynamic frequency range 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz
  • Wide Variety of Fixture to mount different components as per the component buyer.
  • Up to five fixtures are included in the machine
  • Other fixtures, if required have to be ordered separately at extra cost

Software Features

  • Window based user friendly software
  • Four different types of loading can be given to the sample – Sine, Triangular, Square and Ramp signal for each actuator
  • Programmable loading parameters – frequency, Base, Amplitude, Torsional force, angle etc.
  • Facility to operate Four actuators independently or simultaneously with different parameters
  • Programmable rate of loading in static mode
  • Two types of tests – Dynamic (Fatigue Test) and Static (Ramp)
  • Computer/Software programmable safety limits for each load and displacement
  • Facility to increase the base load, frequency and amplitude during the test
    Facility to save the data after the test
  • Store in number of cycles in dynamic test
  • On – line display of load, Torsional force, Angle and displacement readings
  • Auto adjustment of graph scales
  • Storing of data of each channel in user defined file/directory that can be directly opened in Excel for further analysis

Loading Frame

  • Sturdy two column free standing, self-reacting type frame.
  • Hydraulically movable cross-head with hydraulic locking.
  • T-Slotted base to mount actuator assembly and testing fixtures

Technical Specification

  • Vertical loading capacity : 300km
  • Vertical Clearance : Adjustable from 200- 800 mm with actuator retracted inside
  • Bottom bed length : 2000 x 2000 mm

Servo Hydraulic Actuators With Servo Actuators

Four actuators are used for applying axial/vertical, Torsional and conical loads on the test component. A suitable capacity servo valve is fitted on each actuator.

Axis 1 : Radial Load

Actuator with servo valve

  • For Applying Radial Load : 1 No
  • Load Carrying Capacity : 300 kN
  • Stroke Length : 200 mm
  • Operating Pressure : 180 Bars
  • Test Frequency Range : 0.1 Hz-10 Hz
  • Test Stroke : 25 mm at 1 Hz frequency @50% load. 4mm at 5 Hz frequency @50% load

Axis 2 : Axial Load

Actuator with servo valve

  • For Axial Load : 1 No
  • Type : linear
  • Load carrying Capacity : 150 kN
  • Stroke length/Angle : 150 mm
  • Operating Pressure : 180 Bars

Axis 3: Torsional Load / Torque

(degree of Rotation +/- 90 Degrees)
Actuator with servo valve

  • For Applying Torsional Load : 1 No
  • Type : linear
  • Torque carrying Capacity : 2500 Nm
  • Stroke length/Angle : 100 mm
  • Operating Pressure : 180 Bars

Axis 4: Conical Torque

(Degree of Rotation +/- 90 Degrees )

  • For Applying Conical Torque : 1 No
  • Type : linear
  • Torque carrying Capacity : 2500 Nm
  • Stroke length/Angle : 100 mm
  • Operating Pressure : 180 Bars

Hydraulic Power Supply

with Distribution Manifold

  • Compact in design with suitable flow and pressure for the actuation of all three actuators
  • Variable flow type pump run by powerful three phase motor
  • Suitable Air cooling Arrangement
  • Supplied complete with all accessories like return line filter, oil level, relief valve, pressure gauge, anti vibration mountings etc.
  • Safety interlocks for over heating of the oil (Temperature Controller), communication of the oil (Clogging Filter) Relief Valve for pressure regulation, over loading /heating of the motor, Phase failure, Low oil Level etc.

Technical Specifications

  • Flow of the Pump : 150 LPM
  • Max. Operating Pressure : 210 Bars
  • Capacity of the oil Tanks : 800 litters
  • Power rating of the motor : 75 Hp
  • Hoses : 10 meter long
  • Electrical Cable : 10 meter long

Distribution Manifold

  • Interface between the power pack and 4 Actuators
  • 4 Pair of outlets one each for controlling of individual actuator
  • Each line has independent valve

PC based control system

And control software

Control system provides the digital servo control, Ramp generation, different wave forms (Sine, Square and Triangular) for the machine, data acquisition, hydraulic control etc. for the continuous operation of the system