Brazilian Test Apparatus

Model: EKE 207

Use: Strength Index

Ref. Standard IS:10082

The instrument is designed to test specimens from 50 mm dia to 100 mm dia having a thickness equal to half the diameter. A pair of loading jaws, designed so as to contact a disc-shaped sample at diametrically opposed surfaces over an arc of contact of about 10 degrees at failure, is supplied. The set of jaws supplied with the equipment is designed for 50 mm dia specimens and therefore it is essential to order jaws for respective sizes if other diameter samples are to be tested. A set of plain platens are provided with the jack which enables testing of the cube and circular specimens up to 50 mm in size for compressive strength.

The outfit consists of:

  • EKE 20701 Loading Frame, fitted with hand operated Hydraulic Loading Jack of 200 kN (20,000 kgf) capacity provided with self-retracting Piston, pair of Plane Platens
  • EKE 20702 Pair of Semi-Circular Jaws, for 50 mm dia samples
  • EKE 20703 Load Gauge, 0-200 kN (20,000 kgf) x 1 kN (100 kgf) capacity, provided with maximum Load Indicator

Optional Accessories:

  • EKE 20704 Pair of Jaws, for 60 mm dia samples
  • EKE 20705 Pair of Jaws, for 70 mm dia samples
  • EKE 20706 Pair of Jaws, for 80 mm dia samples
  • EKE 20707 Pair of Jaws, for 90 mm dia samples
  • EKE 20708 Pair of Jaws, for 100 mm dia samples

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