Slake Durability Apparatus

Model: EKE 208

Use: Strength Index

Ref. Standard IS:10050

  • For determination of resistance offered by a rock to weathering and disintegration when subjected to immersion in water
  • Facility to test up to four sets of samples
  • Quick couplings for assembly and removal of drums

The apparatus consists of a motor on the baseboard capable of driving two or more drums at a speed of 20 rpm. A suitable number of plastic water troughs, each designed to contain a test drum with quick-release drive assemblies, permit 1 to 4 drums to be driven at one time. The test drums are supported on water-lubricated bearings allowing 40 mm unobstructed clearance below the drum and a trough water level 20 mm below the axis of the drum. Drums are made of brass and comprise 2 mm wire mesh cylinders of 140 mm dia and 100 mm length.

The equipment consists of:

  • Base Board with Motor Drive assembly with two drum and tank assemblies. Suitable for working at 220 V, Single phase, AC supply.
  • Supply with EKE 20802 Electric timer, 0-30 min.

Optional Accessories:

  • EKE 20801 Pair of Drums and Tank Assemblies, including coupling, to enable up to 4 test drums to be driven at a time
  • EKE 20802 Electrical Timer, 0-30 min.

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