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Bogie Loading and Test Press

Bogie Loading and Test Press

Bogie test press is designed to carry out the homologation test for railway bogies after construction and maintenance activities.

The press reproduces the wagon body load to correctly set up the bogie, to adjust suspensions and check compliance with bogie design specifications.

The unit shown in the picture is only one of the machines designed and manufactured for various Customers and different types of bogies and tests to be performed.

ENKAY can propose a wide range of options and accessories regarding the main features and capacity of the machine, as adjustable beam height, number and position of load cylinders, automatic calculation of wheels and axels load distribution and shim plates thickness, air suspension leakage test and pressure calculation; brake system leakage test, bogie centering system etc.

Computerized controls and touch screen panel allow easy and reliable machine operations such as automatic procedures (load driven or height driven), data collection, inspection and report certification printing, Wi-Fi gauge for dimensional data acquisition, database of bogie models test procedures and results.

The machine is designed to operate in workshop environments with high frequency of tests per day.

High quality components for electronic and hydraulic have been selected in way to guarantee high precision results and reliable test accuracy.