Core Drilling Machine

Model: EKE 201
Used for: Sample Preparation

  • Heavy duty, pillar-type frame with 1500W.
  • Varying cutting feeds are provided with a water-fed swivel head which can be connected to the suitable water supply. The provision at the base for water collection/ drainage.
  • Core preparation from regular and irregular samples Core size: EX to 100mm.
  • Clamping arrangement to hold specimens with regular/ irregular shapes to the base of the machine.
  • Two cutting speeds at no load 950/2100rpm.
  • Water Tank 5ltr. is a Standard outfit.
  • Suitable for operation on 220 V, one phase, AC supply.

EKE 201 Core Drilling Machine


  • EKE 20101 Core Drilling Bit, 21.46 mm dia (EX size)
  • EKE 20102 Core Drilling Bit, 30.10 mm dia (AX size)
  • EKE 20103 Core Drilling Bit, 35 mm dia
  • EKE 20104 Core Drilling Bit, 42.04 mm dia (BX size)
  • EKE 20105 Core Drilling Bit, 54.74 mm dia (NX size)
  • EKE 20106 Core Drilling Bit 50 mm Dia

NOTE: HILTI BITS available on request including BITS for 75 & 100 mm dia.

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