Miniature High Pressure Permeameter

Model: EKE 205

Use: Rock Permeability

This equipment is used for determining the permeability characteristics of soils, solidified soils and rock cores. High pressure permeability studies can also be carried out using this unit.

The complete outfit comprises:

  • EKE 20501 Mould, 50 mm dia x 100 mm high, with Collar
  • EKE 20502 Top Plate
  • EKE 20503 Base Plate, with recess for Porous Stone
  • EKE 20504 Pipette, 6 mm x 300 mm long
  • EKE 20505 Reservoir Tank, fitted with 7 kg/cm² Gauge, Valves, Flow Control Regulator, and Foot Pump
  • EKE 20506 Porous Stone, to fit into Base Plate

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