Hoek Cell

Model: EKE 211 (EX, AX, BX, NX & 38)

Hoek Cells are designed for Testing the Triaxial strengths of Rock or Concrete samples up to a Pressure of 70MPa. These are designed to accept samples of EX, AX, BX, NX, and 38mm Sizes.
Testes carried out on a series of samples under different confining pressures allow the user to determine:

  • Strength & Elastic properties
  • Shear strength at different confining pressures
  • The angle of Shearing Resistance & Cohesion
  • Modulus of Elasticity & Poission’s Ratio

Testing of Samples with Hoek Cells is much simpler & convenient as compared to conventional Cells. The cell comprises a Steel body having top & bottom caps screwed onto the main body. A urethane rubber sleeve incorporating U-shaped seals to form a pressurization chamber for the hydraulic fluid is mounted within the cell.
Plunger & Spherical seat-duty hardened & ground are provided for self-alignment & application of axial load


  • Suitable for Triaxial Testing of Rock & Concrete
  • Pressure upto 70MPa
  • Available in five standard sizes
  • Simple to use as compared to conventional Cells

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