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Universal Testing Machine

Bogie Loading and Test Press

This series of testing machines are suitable for the tensile testing of metal materials, and the added optional implement suiting for compression, bending, cutting, stripping, splitting, and other testings.

It is totally conformed to the requirement of – Metallic Materials Tensile Testing Part 1: Method of test at room temperature. Structure Design

Two test spaces are tensile and compression. The compression space between the test table and the beam. The tensile space between top and bottom beam. The lead screw rotates to drive the lower crossbeam to move up and down, so that the adjustment of the test space can be completed.

Core Configuration and Function:

  • Load Sensor-Force Testing
  • Electronic Extensometer-Gauge Deformation Measurement Range
  • Photoelectric encoder – measurement of displacement values
  • Servo System-Test force application and test rate control (patented technology)
  • Software – Data collection and processing

Measurable Test Results:

  • ReH-Upper Yield Strength
  • ReL-Lower Yield Strength
  • Rm-tensile strength
  • A-Elongation after breaking
  • Rp-Specifies The Plastic Elongation Strength

Core Configuration and Functions:

  • Force – Time Curve
  • Deformation – Time Curve
  • Displacement – Time Curve
  • Stress – Time Curve
  • Strain-Time Curve
  • Stress-Strain Curve

Control Method of Rate Testing:

  • Stress (force) Rate Control and Maintenance
  • Strain (deformation) Rate Control and Maintenance
  • Displacement Rate Control and Maintenance