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Earthquake Isolator Test Systems

Product Code: EKE BMT-EI

Ref. Standards: EN 1337, EN 15129

ENKAY EI SERIES earthquake isolator test systems are designed for routine production control tests according to EN 1337 and EN 15129 etc. standards, and evaluation of isolator design parameters.
ENKAY EI SERIES earthquake isolator test systems has ability to applicate load (100kN–20000kN vertically, 5kN – 5000kN horizontally. Upper limits can be exceeded optionally.). Can work synchronous at least 2-axis (Horizontal and Vertical), equipped with high technology, was designed with high-tech mechanic criterion such as Frame Rigidness, Special Actuator with minimum friction and shaking table parameters etc., has very high data acquisition rate (at least 1000 data per second, up to 10000 data per second), can proceed shear displacement moves up to %150 percent on long earthquake isolator designs, which has 1500mm or longer dimension. This displacement moves are cyclic, and its speed interval is between 10mm/sec and 2000mm/sec.

Model Available:

  • 2000kN-500kN EI SERIES 628mm-Sec.
  • 4000kN-1000kN EI SERIES 100mm-Sec.
  • 4000kN-1000kN EI SERIES 628mm-Sec.
  • 5500kN-1100kN EI SERIES 425mm-Sec.
  • 5500kN-1500kN EI SERIES 900mm-Sec.
  • 15000kN-2000kN EI SERIES 900mm-Sec.

Earthquake Isolator Test System

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