Core Cutting & Grinding Machine

Model: EKE 202

Use: Sample Preparation

  • Table Mounted
  • Stable Construction
  • Feed arrangement for cutting
  • Cooling water arrangement
  • Heavy Duty, AC, single-phase motor

This unit is designed for cutting and grinding cylindrical rock specimens up to NX size. The outfit includes a 200 mm dia diamond impregnated cutter, a fine diamond-impregnated grinding wheel, a water supply system, and a sample holder.
For floor-mounted models. A water pipe with the necessary valve is provided for connecting to a source of water. For table mounted model, a water tank along with a coolant pump, pipe & necessary valves is provided.
A V-Vice, to hold the sample up to 55 mm dia x 140 mm long to be cut parallel and square to the longitudinal axis is provided. Cores longer than 140 mm can be prepared by reversing the specimen and holding it against the vice. A hand-feed arrangement is provided to facilitate the specimen with a uniform and smooth feeding motion.
Suitable for operation on 415V, three-phase, AC supply.


  • EKE 202 Core Cutting & &Grinding Machine, 35 to 75 mm dia
  • EKE 202-2 Core Cutting & Grinding Machine, Table Top Model 35 mm to 150 mm dia
  • EKE 202-100 Core Cutting & Grinding Machine, 50 to 100mm Dia
  • EKE 202-150 Core Cutting & Grinding Machine, 75 to 150 mm dia

NOTE: Can also be provided for 100 mm and 150 mm diameter Samples

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