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Servo Hydraulic Dynamic/Static Actuator

Servo Hydraulic Dynamic / Static Actuator

Servo Hydraulic Dynamic/Static Actuators are based on Servo Hydraulic Closed Loop principle and are extensively used for applying dynamic loads or displacements for different applications on structures, automobile components, Structural beams, Columns etc. It is highly advanced system with fully computer controlled operation and also suitable for static loading applications.

The applications for Servo Hydraulic actuator are diverse and includes:

  • Material Testing Machines
  • Structural Testing
  • Manufacturing Systems
  • Fatigue & Endurance Testing of different materials
  • Aeronautic (Due to their high power to weight ratio)
  • Electromagnetic Marine Engineering
  • Robotics

The main components of the system are:
Actuator Assembly Unit (Capacity Ranges- +/-10kN to +/-1000kN)

  • Actuator with Servo valve Manifold
  • Swivel Base Assembly (For use in Cyclic, Reversing Load applications)
  • Swivel Head Assembly
  • Load Cell
  • Displacement Transducer

Hydraulic Power Pack
PC based Control system and Control Software

  • Signal Conditioning and Controlling Unit
  • Computer for controlling and Data acquisition
  • Control software

Principle of Operation

An electro hydraulic servo-valve under the control of an electronic controller controls the application of hydraulic power to a linear actuator to provide the programmed force to the test specimen. Hydraulic power is provided by hydraulic power supply which controls the pressure, flow, temperature and provides required filtration for the hydraulic fluid. The out put of the power supply is often interfaced to the servo-valve and actuator by hydraulic accessory module which provides further filtration and minimizes pressure surges in the system.
The electronic servo controller constantly senses error between the command signal and feed back signal. It then acts to minimize this error via its out put to the servo- valve. The linear transducer or strain gauge based load cell supply displacement or force feed back as well as readout data to the servo controller to close the servo loop.

Software Features:

  • Windows based user friendly software
  • Different types of loading can be given to the sample- Sine, Triangular, Square, Random waveform and Ramp signal with frequency 0.01Hz to 50Hz
  • Programmable Loading parameters – Frequency, Base, Amplitude, etc.
  • Programmable rate of loading in static mode
  • Two types of Tests- Dynamic (for fatigue test) and Static (Ramp).
  • Defining test sequences
  • Computer/Software programmable Safety Limits for each load & displacement
  • Independent Taring of each channel
  • Facility to hold the actuator and restart the loading during the test.
  • Facility to increase the Base load, frequency and amplitude during the test
  • Facility to save the data after the test
  • Displays and Store the number of cycles in Dynamic test
  • On-line display of Load v/s Displacement, Load v/s Time, Displacement v/s Time graphs
  • On-line display of Load, Displacement and additional channels readings
  • Auto adjustment of graph scales
  • Storing of data of each channel in user de??ned ??le/directory that can be directly opened in Excel and Analysis Software.
  • To analyze the test result Analysis software is given which shows different type of graph and data i.e. load Vs displacement graph, load Vs time graph, displacement Vs time graph for statistical analysis.