Hydraulic UTM (Open Head, Single Acting Ram)

EW Series machine, compared with a ball screw type electric mechanical EKE, is adopting oil hydraulic power to push the piston in the oil cylinder to provide loading force. Therefore it is very suitable for making test to different metal or nonmetal materials under high toughness and hardness against extreme big loading force. By using oil pressure transducer and photoelectric encoder, the computer is timely collecting the testing parameters like loading force, stroke etc.The servo system will provide on line close loop control and constant parameters control. The test software is able to create customized testing methods and setup testing report in only a few steps. EW series is widely used in different inspection department, engineering area, universities and institutes.

Grip Jaw Type
Optional “open” (C type) or “semi-open” (Y type) type grip jaw. Suitable for different test intensity.

Plug In ready to use PCI control card, suits all kinds of personal computer and main board. Full digital measure and control circuit provided with Load, displacement & deformation different measuring channel. Close loop control by simple software configuration.


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