Hydraulic Electronic Microprocessor based UTM (Closed Head Design)

Conforms to Grade A of BS:1610, Grade 1.0 of 1S:1828

  • Ergonomically designed State of Art Technology Microprocessor based Digital Indicator Unit
  • 2 Channels, one for digital display of load in KN/KGF and the other for Displacement in mm in bright, shadow-less display
  • Feather-touch push buttons for Tare, Peak Hold —Load, Peak Hold — Displacement, and Auto Calibration.
  • Bright Digital Display Resolution 20,000 Counts for load
  • Resolution for Displacement 0.01 mm


  • Resolution – 50,000 Counts for load and 0.01 mm or 0.001 mm mm or 0.001 mm for elongation as per requirement at extra cost
  • PC with Software and Printer
  • Provision of Analogue display
  • RS 232 serial port
  • Printer Port

EE 60

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