Electro Dynamic Testing Machine


Electric Dynamic Testing Machine for Fatigue and Tensile Tests for Polymers

  • Drive: Linear Motor
  • Dynamic Test Load in Tension/Compression Direction: at least ±10kN
  • Static Test Load in Tension-Compression Direction: at least ±6kN
  • Test Frequency range (Test Condition Dependent) up to 100Hz
  • The Linear Actuator Stroke: Minimum 60mm
  • Test Speed Range: 1 to 2 m/s
  • Positioning accuracy and repeatability: ±2um or superior
  • Data resolution: up to 24-bit for all channels
  • Fully digital closed-loop control with control loop updated at a rate of 10kHz
  • Mechanical stop-to-halt actuator motion automatically on power loss
  • The actuator is powered electrically
  • Rigid Load Frame / Structure

Load Cell
A load cell ±10kN capable of measuring dynamic loads at high frequency. With 200% overload capacity (Accuracy class 0.5)
Additional load Cell ±0.5kN (Accuracy class 0.5)

One set of tension and compression grips to hold flat polymer samples of thickness upto 5 mm
One set of grips to tension grips to hold fibers of diameter upto 500 microns

The machine capable of conducting tests under load control, stress control, displacement/stroke-controlled, and strain-controlled conditions
The position, load channel (e.g. strain) available for control and data acquisition
Machine with integrated air-cooling system

PC and Software
The control software – a true graphical user interface compatible with MS Windows with high-performance interface, Suitable and advanced software platform for fatigue, Tensile tests, and other cyclic, dynamic, and quasi-static materials and component tests with all features.

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