Computerized, Servo Controlled UTM (Single Acting Ram)


  • Load Stabilizer
  • Brinell Hardness Test Attachment
  • Double Shear Test Attachment : Small & Large
  • 180° Bend Test Attachment
  • Bare Attachment
  • Bushes for Testing Threaded Specimens
  • Bushes for Testing Collared Specimens
  • Attachmenftor Testing Wire & Manila Ropes
  • Extensometers : Mechanical/Electronic with Fixed & Variable Gauge Length
  • Flexure Testing Attachment


  • Stress Controlled 0.1kN/min. to Full Load kN/min.
  • Strain Controlled 0.01 mm/min. to 100 mm/min.
  • Torque Compensated Power Pack
  • Air Cooled inter cooler
  • 100% control via Rj45 / USB Interface
  • On-Board Characteristics linear zing
  • Fully Computer Controlled
  • Bumpless PI.D Control
  • Dual Channel shifting
  • 64 KHz data sampling rate
  • Load Hold Capability for 24 Hrs. within + 1% of Set Load Value

For Tension Test:
Clamping Jaws for Testing Round Specimens under Tension
Clamping Jaws for Testing Flat Specimens under Tension

For Compression Test :
pair of compression platens, duly hardened, ground and polished with bottom platen provided with guide lines for placing the test specimen co-axial with the hydraulic ram.

For Bending / Transverse Test :
Table with Adjustable Rollers complete with Mandrel for conducting Bending/Transverse Tests

Optional Accessories:

  • The Universal Testing Machine is made more versatile and utility oriented for carrying out a number of other tests as well with Accessories/Attachments that are Optional.
  • These Optional Accessories/Attachments are priced nominally and are quite indispensable especially for Technical Institutions.

We also manufacture customised testing accessories as per customer requirements

Electronic Extensometer are also in our range.


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