Rail and Sleeper Bending Test Machine

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Rail and sleepers tests are to make sure that the rails as well as sleepers are error-free to support the rapidly developing technology where fast trains are taking place of old type trains. Including TCDD in our country, all over the world, bending and breaking tests are applied on rails. In these tests load controlled or deformation controlled load increased up to the breaking point of rail to determine the appropriateness or inappropriateness of rail.

A rigid 4 columns body with double safety system can perform the complete test very smoothly. Dual camera system installed inside the cabin to observe breaking moment of rail. Full system designed to operate by single person or two with the help of Rail and sleeper carriage.

Rail bending test machines with capacity of 2000kN, 2500kN, and 3000kN can easily provide load class ±0.5%. The important thing is, the bending test of traverse can also perform on same machine with same accuracy but in between 120kN to 450kN. We have achieved this feature first time in the world.

This machine has some advanced features like; repetitive (cyclic) loading, controlled unloading and can hold on constant load. System can perform load controlled and position controlled tests with 1ìm accuracy. System has a control unit with 1 kHz which allows SSI type connections, servo valve to control piston, load accuracy ±180,000 steps.


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