Chain, Rope Tensile Test Machine

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ENKAY BMT-300, 300 Ton capacity Electronically controlled servohydraulic rope/chain tensile test machine, manufactured according to standards and is suitable for testing high elongation capacity samples due to improved system.

It has double acting piston with stroke of 150cm. Also there is a spherical seal system to create minimum friction. Machine can perform load and displacement controlled tests. Load measurement with load cell with measurement accuracy class 1.

Displacement or elongation measurements with special encoder type extensometer with 2000mm measuring length. System equipped with 300 ton loading capacity, 25mm chain and rope holding load frame (ENKAY), hydraulic piston with very low friction factor (ENKAY), PT load cell of class 0.5, encoder type elongation sensor(JAPAN), MOOG servo valve (GERMANY), HAWE direction-safety valve (GERMANY) and Electronic Controller (GERMANY).

Chain, Rope Tensile Test Machine

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