Servo Hydraulic Actuators

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Hydraulic Actuators provide an integrated, high-performance solution to your dynamic force generation requirements. Each of the actuator components and options helps simplify the process of designing and building high performance testing systems. Actuators are used worldwide in demanding vehicle dynamics, structural fatigue, and component test applications.
Actuators are manufactured for years of reliable operation in servo hydraulic test systems. Materials are used in such a way that the friction is minimized and reliability and wear resistance is maximized. These fatigue-rated actuators are precision-engineered to deliver the strength, durability and versatility required for optimal performance in a variety of structural testing applications.
Servo Actuators are specifically designed to provide the highest levels of fidelity in the application of controlled power.


  • Controller: USA/Germany
  • Remote Control Console: USA/Germany
  • Software: Test&Motion (Made in Germany/USA)
  • Servo-Valve: USA/Germany
  • Non-Contact Magnetic Linear Position Sensor: Resolution: 16 bit, 0.0015% (Made in USA/Germany)
  • Dynamic Force Capacity: 10 kN – 1000kN and over
  • Linear Stroke: 525 mm
  • Power Supply: Three-phases, 380V
  • Configuration: Rigid frame with a dynamic cylinder inside the actuator
  • Swivels: Precision-engineered to deliver strength, durability and versatility for closed-loop servo-hydraulic testing

Servo Hydraulic Actuators

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