Electro-mechanical Servo Actuators

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Tubular linear servomotors offer an advantage in weight, size, maintenance costs, environmental considerations, precision, speed, control, programmability, reliability and noise. The patented technology offers the motion control industry an alternative to hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical power sources for linear motion control. The linear motors are easy to install and integrate.
Position and force are fully programmable and there is no backlash or fluid compressibility to compromise position accuracy.


  • Robotics and factory automation
  • Processing equipment
  • Packaging equipment
  • Pumping / dispensing
  • Material / product testing
  • Machine tools
  • Textile (tufting equipment)
  • Paper converting
  • Transfer equipment
  • Automation welding


  • Max. displacement: 20 cm
  • Max. acceleration: ± 2g
  • Max. speed: 40 cm / s
  • Operating frequency range of 1-10 Hz
  • The servo motor power. 900 W
  • Screw shaft 5mm / rev
  • Dynamic load carrying capacity of at least 60 kg.F

Electro-mechanical Servo Actuators specifications

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