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Enkay Machines   Laboratory California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus
The CBR test is used for determining the relative bearing ratio and expansion characteristics under known surcharge weights of base, sub-base and subgrade soils for the design of roads, pavements and runways. Tests can be conducted on all types of soils including sand, gravel and washed stone (passing through 20 mm IS Sieve). The CBR test is used extensively in selection of materials and control of subgrades.
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  Laboratory California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus
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  Laboratory California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus, Motorised, Single Speed
  Standards IS : 9669, IS : 2720 (Part 16)
  Item Code : EKE 120-1MS
It is used in large road construction projects has increased considerably in recent yeats. This apparatus, mounted on a rolled steel joist cantilevered from the back of the truck or fitted to the underside of a mobile frame, can be used to determine the bearing capacity of soils quickly and efficiency. This method of testing in-situ, using piston penetration, is useful for determining the load carrying capacity in the field, when the in -place density and water contents are such that the degree of saturation is 80% or greater. When the material is coarse grained and cohesionless so that it is not affected b changes in the water content and when the material has been in-place.
EKE 12001
Loading jack with u bracket, capacity 50kN (5,000 kgf) lift of 50mm. This is specially designed for use with Field CBR test apparatus. It consists of a hand operated. single speed 1.25mm / min, screw jack fitted with a U-bracket. A hexagonal adapter is provided to fix a proving ring. A thrust bar, which passes through the U-bracket is screwed on to a proving ring (supplied at extra cost) which protects the proving ring when the laoding is eccentric.

EKE 12002
Swivel Head, for the loading jack. Detachable handle of around 150mm radius.

EKE 12003
Penetration Piston, 102mm dia threaded at the upper end, to connect to the various lengths of extension sleeves, through a connector. Made of metal (non-rusting material) of circular cross section having a diameter of 49.63 + 0.13 mm. Penetration rate 1.27 mm/min

EKE 12004
CBR Mould, Zinc plated steel mould of cylindrical shape having 150mm internal diameter and 175mm height are supplied with an extension collar of 51 mm height and perforated base-plate (1.6mm dia. hole) that can be fitted to either end of the mould. Each set consists of 6 molds.

EKE 12005
Ball seating attachment are use for testing over undulating ground to ensure jack, load measuring ring and penetration piston are truly vertical.

EKE 12006
Datum Bar Assembly, consisting of two tripod stands and 1 m long datum bar.

EKE 12007
Connector set , consists of eight connectors for coupling the penetration piston and proving ring assembly, either directly to through extension pieces.

EKE 12008
Adjustable Bracket, for mounting the dial gauge

EKE 12009
Annular surcharge weight, (Metallic & galvanized) 2.5 kg, 147 mm dia with 53 cm dia slot. Each set consists of 6 annular surcharge weights.

EKE 12010
Slotted Metal weight, (Metallic & galvanized) 2.5 kg, 147 mm dia with 53 cm dia central hole. Each set consists of 6 slotted surcharge.

EKE 12011
Conversion frame, mechanical jack for laboratory CBR test a frame 45 kN capacity of two column construction with an overhead beam are supply complete with stabilizing bar.

EKE 12012
Expansion measuring apparatus, swell plate of 149.2 mm diameter and is perforated with 1.6mm diameter holes. This item is supplied along with tripod fitted with dial gauge. Each set consists of 6 nos. of swell-plates and 2 nos. each of tripods & dial-gauges.

EKE 12013
Spacer disk, Circular galvanized spacer disk of 152 mm diameter and 61.5 mm height. Each set consists of 1 spacer disk

EKE 12014
Slotted Metal weight, 10kg , 215mm to 250mm dia with 53 mm dia slot 2 Nos

Accessories :
Dial Gauge 2 in. travel & 0.001 in division for CBR penetration measurement, having provision for increasing the dial gauge-plunger length .
Proving ring , 50 kN (5,000kgf) capacity x 0.5. kN/Div sensitivity/ readability, one with 25 kN capacity x 0.04 kN / div sensitivity / readability and one with 10 kN capacity x 0.01 kN / div sensitivity / readability.
  Laboratory California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus : EKE120-1 GM  
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